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Specialist driver training for car and trailers,
caravans, medium and large goods vehicles.

Drive 2 Succeed specialises in helping people pass their driving tests and attain the licences they need to tow trailers or caravans.
We also train drivers to master the handling of commercial vehicles.

Approved driving instructors

Drive 2 Succeed prides itself on a team of fully qualified, industry approved and accredited instructors. With us you have the confidence of knowing you are being trained by an expert with the qualifications to match.

Specialised trailer training

You can train in one of our own modern, fully maintained cars, using our own trailers and associated equipment. Everything is covered within the price, from fuel consumption and wear and tear through to comprehensive insurance to give you all the support you need.

High level of experience

Our team has a range of military and commercial vehicle driving and towing experience.  From trucks and trailers to caravans large and small, we have trained many of drivers in a range of different driving licence categories.

Tailored caravan training courses for you

You can sign up for one of our scheduled caravan courses or enjoy private tuition on an individual basis or as a couple.  We will do our utmost to give you the knowledge and skill to arrive at your campsite safe and sound.

Driver training with a difference

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of driver training to ensure that you can quickly get on the open road with your caravan or trailer, safe in the knowledge that you have both the requisite skills and appropriate driving licence category pass.

Whether you want to get your personal B+E driving test for towing a trailer, or your business needs fleet training for handling larger trailers or commercial vehicles, we will give you the skills to secure the right category licence and put you safely, and legally, on the road.

Our accreditations

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