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The Drive 2 Succeed Experience, With Jonathan Lee

We do our best to provide a good experience for everyone who comes to get their trailer licence from us here at Drive 2 Succeed. With that in mind, we thought we’d let our customers speak for themselves, so we got in touch with one of our past clients and asked them to tell you a little bit about our services and how they found it! Introducing, Jonathan Lee.

Why did you need a trailer licence?

“We were exploring buying a touring caravan for family holidays. I had no idea what sort of licence I’d need for it and there’s a lot of fairly confusing information out there. I knew I wanted some training though, even if I didn’t need a licence as such – caravans aren’t cheap to repair after you’ve dinged them!”

How was your experience with Drive 2 Succeed?

“The training was good, and quite intense. There’s no nonsense with Pete, he gets right to the point! He cleared up my confusion about what licence I needed for the caravan I’d chosen, and gave me an idea of how many lessons I’d need in his initial assessment, which actually turned out to be spot on. He’d give me an opinion after each lesson on how he felt it was going progress-wise, which I appreciated.”

How have your caravan adventures gone since the training?

“Pretty well I’d say! No dings yet, touch wood.”

So now you have it from the horses mouth! If you’re in a similar situation to Jonathan, whether you need advice, training or just a refresher so you feel confident on the road, get in touch with us here at Drive 2 Succeed. You can call us on 07971 515597 or fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.


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