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Drive 2 Succeed

Driving courses and skills with safety at their heart

We have a range of different courses and tuition options
to help you improve your driving skills

From basic handling of trailers and reversing around tight corners, to ensuring that caravans are always properly connected up to tow bars and electrics, we ensure that your training sessions will be safe, fun and easy to follow.

Category licences

There are several different categories of licence which apply for towing or for driving medium or large good vehicles.
Drive 2 Succeed specialises in one-to-one or commercial fleet driver training across the following main categories

Car lessons

Driving lessons for all abilities, including refresher courses, motorway tuition or advanced driving.

Car & trailer

Learn to drive a vehicle with a MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) of 3,500kg with a trailer of up to 3,500kg. Max train weight of 7,000kg.

Medium Goods Vehicles

Allowing you to drive medium sized vehicles weighing between 3,500 and 7,500kg with trailers up to 750kg or combined weights up to 12,000kg.

Large Goods Vehicles

Allowing you to drive larger good vehicles over 3,500kg and a trailer up to or over 750kg.

As well as the standard applications for licences, Drive 2 Succeed can also help you through the process of application for provisional entitlement, theory tests, and practical training and tests.  We can train individuals or commercial fleet drivers alike.


We run a range of different courses whether it be a condensed course, ad hoc lessons to suit the individual private customer or commercial fleet drivers.  We can even construct a course tailored to your own circumstances.

Trailer training courses

From a refresher session for an insight into towing through to courses designed to get your upgraded licence, we can help you get to grips with all the moves and legalities of using a trailer.

Caravan training courses

Whether you are new to caravanning or seeking to improve your driving, parking and reversing techniques, we have the course for you, from individual tuition and training for couples to interactive group sessions.

Pass Plus course

Our Pass Plus practical training course is delivered by an approved driving instructor (ADI) for drivers seeking to improve their existing skills and knowledge for a safer, more confident drive.  Certificated by the DVSA.

Advanced Driving Course

Our advanced driving course is designed for driving enthusiasts or those keen to drive even more safely.  It focuses on higher level driving techniques to improve your skills and anticipation at the steering wheel.

Medium & Large Goods vehicles training.

Drive 2 Succeed offers training courses designed around Medium and Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs) for the attainment of higher category licences C1, C1+E, C, C+E.

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